Alder and Ash


Carrot Orange


Moss Green

Navy Blue

Chamonix White


Alder Naked

Lime Green

Brezza Marina



Cloud Black

Red Granite

Limited Colors for Ash

Rose Hip



Ash Naked

Morning Glory

Honey Toast

Maple Syrup

Dahlia Burst

Powder Snow Burst


Standard Specification
Scale: 648mm 22F
Body: Carved Top Alder 2p
Neck: Hard Maple
Fingerboard:  Rosewood or Hard Maple
Position Mark:
on the side of finger board
Rosewood(or Ebony) Fingerboard
White Dots
Hard Maple Fingerboard
Black Dots
Frets: Jescar FW51100-NS Nickel Silver
Tuners: Gotoh H.A.P
Bridge: Gotoh 510
Knobs: Gotho VK1-18 C
Hardware Color: Chrome or Black
Pickup Layout: SSH SSS HH HSH
See Options
Front Pickup: Scream Growl Scream Growl Sledgeα Sledgeα
Middle Pickup: Scream Growl Scream Growl - Growl
Rear Pickup: Sledge α Bore Up Scream Growl Bore Up Bore Up
Single Coil Covers: White or Black
Hum Bobbins Duble White, Duble Black, Zebra or Reverce Zebra 
Strings: EXL110 10-46
Finish: Thin Matte Urethane and Closed Finish
Colored only top body
Black, Carrot Orange, Maroon, Moss Green, Navy Blue, Chamonix White, Red, August Blue, Naked, Lime Green, Brezza Marina, Arancio, Cloud Black, Red Granite, Burnt
Headstock Logo: Black
Maple Fingerboard Line:
(Between Maple FB and Neck)
Case: Hard Shell Case

Saito Guitarsにはすべて"Saytone Pickups"が組み込まれています。Saito Guitars all set up "Saytone Pickups".

S-622オーダーフォーム -ORDER FORM-


Body wood: Ash 2p \10,000 JPY
Color for Ash:
the closed finish of side and back body.
Closed or Open Pore finish
Same Color for Alder No charged
Open Pore finish only
Bonite, Lemone Grass, Rose Hip, Turquoise, Morning Glory, Honey Toast, Maple Syrup, Naked, Yellow Stone, Dalia Burst, Hydrangea, Nastatium, Petunia, Tecophilaea, Powder Snow Burst
Position Mark:
on the side of Finger Board
Luminlay \2,000 JPY
on Finger Board
Rose and Ebony FB
White Pearl \1,000 JPY
Avalon \1,000 JPY
Luminlay \3,000 JPY
Tuners: Gotoh SD 91MGT \2,000 JPY
Hardware Color: Gold \10,000 JPY
Pickups Layout: HSH Layout \10,000 JPY
Hum Pickup Cover: Nickel or Bare \1,800 JPY
(You can choose it if you chose the gold hardware)
\1,800 JPY
Hard Aged \2,500 JPY
Matching Headstock \12,000 JPY
Headstock Logo: Black, White, Green, Blue, Pink, Black Line, White Line, Green Line, Blue Line, Pink Line, Silver Line, Gold Line, Red No charged
A Color between a Maple Fingerboard and Neck: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink  No charged