To assure the highest quality of every one of our guitars, we have developed our own way of building the guitars. Especially, we use NC router machine for a precise wood processing, which consequently led to shorter production periods and thus enables us to deliver the guitars to our customers quicker than ever. By further developing our signature SAYTONE pickups, we now offer wider variety of lineups of the guitar. Our positive reputation has been rapidly growing and spreading in the country, and we would like to thank our customers, dealers, and everybody who has been around us for being a great inspiration for us.

We are pleased to announce that Saito Guitars now offer personal and international direct sales, in order to meet every customerfs preferences. Here at Saito Guitars, we believe in two things in guitar making: the simplicity in construction and the maximum playability.
That is why we offer the "Select Order" order system, rather than the usual full custom order. With our Select Order you can easily find your favorite guitar by choosing your guitar's body woods, fingerboard woods, pickups and hardware configuration, and body and hardware colors, within the range of the selections we offer. Once you know your base-model, it is as simple as choosing and adding the options to it. (Upcharges may apply for upgrade options.) For questions or concerns regarding orders or to request a quote, please contact us at

How to order

We have two different formats of the order sheet for Saito Guitars. Print the PDF form out and fill it out or enter necessary fields on the order sheet in Microsoft Excel format. Fax the form to us at 81-48-283-9877 or attach it to an e-mail and send to We will reply to you with the estimate of the cost and the delivery date within 2 business days. The estimate itself is free of charge, so you are always welcome to send us your quote request at any time.

Order Form

  • PDF S-722
  • Excel S-722
  • PDF S-624MS
  • Excel S-624MS
  • PDF S-724MS
  • Excel S-724MS

Payment Method

For international customers, we accept a direct bank transfer and payment through PayPal. Checks and Money Orders are not accepted, and Credit Cards are only acceptable through Pay Pal. A deposit of a half or the full price for the instrument must be paid in order for the production to be started. The balance must be paid by the time your instrument ships. The customer is responsible for all the bank transfer fees and associated fees, including any intermediate transaction fees where additional or second money transfers take place.


For international sales, we usually ship your Saito Guitars guitar via EMS (Japan Express Mail Services). For EMS, the shipping fee needs to be paid in advance. Saito Guitars will not pay or reimburse any import taxes, duties, or other related fees.


The warranty period is one year after the original purchasing date. The warranty on the Saito Guitars guitar applies only to the original owner. During the period, any defects on materials and workmanship are covered by the warranty. Please be informed that the repair and maintenance will be subject to fees even during the warranty period in following cases:

  1. Warranty card is missing or lost.
  2. Such necessary information on the warranty card as your name and the date of purchase is missing. The warranty card is also invalid when there are any signs of alternations on the terms and conditions or any of the contents of it.
  3. Any damages on the guitar caused by unreasonable usage, or any alternations/ modifications made outside of our workshop.
  4. Damages during transportation after the first delivery.
  5. Damages caused by natural disasters.
  6. Any cases that the cause of the damage is other products or objects than the guitar itself.
  7. Any consumables or transportation fees.

By the warranty we guarantee necessary repairs or setups. We do not limit or prohibit any of your legal rights.

  1. The warranty is not valid if the date of purchase is not indicated on it. We suggest you to keep both the warranty card and the receipt of the purchase so you will be able to track the record of the purchase date.
  2. The warranty card will not be re-issued. Please keep it at a safe place.
  3. The warranty card cannot be transferred.

Return and Refunds

Since the guitar is made to your order, basically it is non-returnable/refundable. However, please contact us within 7 days after the receipt of the guitar in the following cases:

  1. The guitar is not what you ordered. The specification does not match what you specified.
  2. In case of any obvious damages or defects that are caused during production.

We will contact you with instructions how to return the guitars. After the receipt of the returned item, we will investigate it and refund the full price including the shipping cost back to Japan, only on our approval.

We do not accept returns or refunds in the following cases:

  1. 7 days passed after the initial delivery of the guitar.
  2. You just did not like what you get. Return/refund request by your preference.
  3. In case of any damages, scratches, dings, marks, or dirty spots on the guitar or its accessories, or of any missing components upon shipping back.


Since the instrument is made to your order, you cannot cancel it after the guitar is shipped. You may cancel your order if your guitar is still in production. You will still be responsible for 50% of the price of the guitar as a restocking fee. The restocking fee includes the labor charge up to the cancellation date and the material restocking cost.
In other words, the deposit of a half the price of the instrument is non-refundable, while the customer who had paid the full price as a deposit will receive a 50% refund of what has been already paid.